april 12, 2020

Berlin – there is something in the water

Photo by David Stjernholm

Berlin– there must be something in the water

January 31st – February 28th

Opening Friday January 31st 16.00 – 18.00

It is claimed that Berlin’s name originates from an ancient Slavic language that loosely translates in English to “Swamp”. Of course the connotations of a “swamp” in any language is far from flattering and in stark contrast to the fact that this particular swamp is a highly appealing habitat to the swathes of creative talent that consistently migrate to Berlin. With its icy winter climate, rising housing costs and Berlin’s isolated geography, it remains somewhat of an enigma that this city is Mecca for the (European) art scene. With that said, our conclusion is that there must be something in the water or perhaps it is just sublime coincidence and one that happens again and again. The simple fact is that Berlin has been able to import and export geniuses since… forever.

Thankfully, in these modern times of increased artistic mobility, there is no need for us here in Cool Copenhagen to be envious as it is conveniently possible for us to experience a little of that ”Berlin water” without leaving the comfort of our very own native cultural swamp. This presented us with the opportunity to test our “collaborations” concept and bring the best from Berlin back to us.

But how do we take the nexus of Berlin’s artistic genius and cram it into 160m2 in the centre of Copenhagen – Or more specifically at Collaborations, Store Kongensgade 118…

First of all, our task was to define what kind of “artistic genius” we thought would make sense here in Copenhagen and then try to identify those qualities in a very specific group of people. A brief of this complexity is no mean feat and so to ensure the artistic outcome would be a worthy representation of Berlin’s vibrant art scene (and equally worthy of a Scandinavian audience) we talked our good friend Johann König, who just happens to be one of the most intelligent, progressive and influential gallerists on the planet – and naturally he is based in Berlin.

Instinctively, Johann produced a list of Berlin based artists who- comfortably- fit the brief. We will soon reveal the list.