marts 13, 2021

Nuværende udstilling

Mel Bochner
Eva Helene Pade
Christian Santiago

Three solo exhibitions
August 19 – October 9, 2021

This is actually a dream come true for us at Collaborations. We are showing three so brilliant and so different artists in our space. Sure, we are talking three separate exhibitions, but all of us art hang arounds can fare without effort from one intelligent context to the other.

We have the genius of Mel Bochner reminding us the Language is not Transparent by showing us how Color, Language and Painting is Slipping into the Cultural Stream, sometimes without us even noticing.

We have the radical tense and distorted emotional extremes in the graphic world of Christian Santiago. I guess that not many here in Denmark are too familiar with the concept of Queer Horror. Well now there is no excuse to stay illiterate to the diversity of the potential of the human and humanity.

And we the mythical and mystical contemporary existentialism by Eva Helene Pade. Showing us who we feel right now by tapping into a somewhat romantic visual art language from the ages. Moods and emotions are forever. And Eva makes us look so cool, sad, confused and sexy (beautiful too) as we really feel.

All this under our roof. JUST CRAZY. This is indeed what we set out to do in Collaborations. Find what we sincerely believe is important and relevant from the global world of art. Bring it here and tell the stories. Mix it up for you to share.

Exhibition period: August 19 – October 9, 2021.

What Were You Thinking?
New works on velvet by Mel Bochner

The American artist Mel Bochner (b. 1940) is recognized as one of the leading figures in the development of Conceptual art in New York in the 1960s and 1970s. Emerging at a time when the painting was increasingly discussed as outmoded, Bochner became part of a new generation of artists, who were looking at ways of breaking with Abstract Expressionism and traditional compositional devices. When painting slowly lost its preeminent position in modern art in the 1960s – language moved from talking about art to becoming part of the art itself. For the past decades, Mel Bochner has produced groundbreaking works that have established his reputation as one of the leading American conceptualists.“When I come across a word that intrigues me I begin by copying out the entries. As the words proliferate and the list grows, I gradually eliminate and rearrange them, piling them up and piling them on, paying close attention to both sense and sound. I’m trying to evolve a narrative that will constitute a journey from the first to the last word… but one filled with mental detours and conceptual potholes. I began making paintings on velvet in 2005. The initial impulse came from a book on incunabula (prints made before the invention of movable type). In most cases these were wood blocks printed on paper, but a few were printed on cloth. That gave me the idea of trying to print directly on various kinds of unprimed textiles – linen, cotton, silk, etc. Unfortunately none of these were able to keep the paint from sinking into their porous surfaces. I found, much to my surprise, that velvet was the only material that kept the paint “up”. And while it wasn’t my initial intention, the kitschy aura surrounding “paintings-on-velvet”, lends them an undeniable Pop dimension.” – Mel Bochner

A solo exhibition by Eva Helene Pade

Despite her art-historical roots, Pade’s paintings remain distinctly contemporary. Her paintings present the subtle drama of everyday life and the emotions that arise from the most common human experiences. Pade’s work is underscored by a distinctly Nordic melancholy that lends a fragile air to her painted figures. The tension between inner and outer space is somehow conceptualized and styled in Pade’s work in order to reflect the boundaries between the private and the public self.

On a cellular level
A solo exhibition by Christian Santiago

Through his intricate line work, Santiago conjures a broad pantheon of avatars: armored bio-warriors, fleshy shapeshifters, and even more monstrous corporealities that populate strange new worlds. Each character is minutely rendered, yet their outlines remain porous and pulsatile, open to unexpected encounters with the unknown where the boundaries between figure and ground, inside and outside, self and other become increasingly blurry and difficult to maintain. In this way, Santiago constructs an idiosyncratic and highly personal mythology, one that explores ‘queerness’ not as social positioning but as an ecstatic metaphysical phenomenon.

Evren Tekinoktay (f.1972) bor og arbejder i København. Hun tog afgang fra Det Kgl Danske Kunstakademi i 1999, men studerede inden først på Rietveld Academie i Amsterdam (1993-97) og på Jan van Eyck Academy i Maastricht (1997-99). I perioden 2003-13 drev Tekinoktay lingerie-butikken Tekinoktay i indre by, som en del af hendes kunstneriske virke. I 2011 modtog hun Statens Kunstfonds 3-årige arbejdslegat. Tekinoktay har deltaget på en række gruppe og solo udstillinger primært i London, Istanbul og København.