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COLLABORATIONS by Tania and Thomas Asbæk is pleased to present FINISH FETISH (August 18 – September 30, 2023) a group exhibition curated by Scroll NYC. Bringing together seventeen artists from around the world, Finish Fetish will present themes of consumption, memory, materiality, and psyche reflected through surreal dreamscapes and abstracted geometries. Reflecting contemporary consumerist desires and anxieties, the works blur boundaries between the tactile and intangible, human and object, mechanical and subconscious. Inanimate objects become sexually suggestive, as depicted in the works of Edward Givis and Alexander Owen. Conventions of painting and sculpture are blurred in the wall-hanging organic-mechanic forms by Ava Samii and Michael Rey. Rapacious bodies blend together in the chaotic visions of David Rappeneau and Christian Santiago.

The exhibition’s title comes from the 1960s Southern California artistic movement, bringing together pop, minimalism, and light and space, creating a distinctive “LA Look” throughout the decade. Artists paired sensuous colors against pristine, slick surfaces through innovative fabrication techniques using materials like resin and plastic, bringing the industrial to the fine art space. Whereas the artists of this period focused on more minimalist sculptural works, Finish Fetish aims to showcase artists creating innovative textures and finishes primarily through painting and drawing.

Finish Fetish features works by Aaron Elvis Jupin, Alexander Owen, Ava Samii, Christian Santiago, David Rappeneau, Edward Givis, Francesco Deiana, Jack Kenna, Jairo Alfonso, Ji Zou, Jordan Homstad, Keegan Monaghan, Lindsay Merrill, Lisa Vlaemminck, Michael Rey, Namio Harukawa, and Vanessa Gully-Santiago.

Founded in 2022 by Julien Pomerleau and Rachel Ng, Scroll NYC is a New York-based curatorial project focused on fostering community and uplifting the works of emerging and overlooked artists.

Since its inaugural group exhibition in September 2022, Scroll has organized both solo and group exhibitions in its Tribeca space, including a group show titled The Midnight Hour at The Hole, and debut US solo exhibitions for artists Jess Allen (UK) and Ko Jiyoung (South Korea). Scroll has had the privilege of collaborating with sixty-six artists from around the world across six exhibitions. “Finish Fetish” is Scroll’s first international exhibition.

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