Corporate art consulting

At Collaborations, we are experts in corporate art consulting. When advising companies on art, we use art as a tool to convey a narrative related to the company, and it is crucial that you can recognize yourselves in this narrative.

Our clients include both larger companies using art to create dialogue and brand value, architects working with the highest DGNB certification in sustainable construction, or companies using art as an investment.

Examples of consulting projects

A large international consultancy firm

The client asked us for assistance with art decoration in their new headquarters. We solved the task by curating the art based on various premises, for example, we agreed that movement is the focal point of the building. At the same time, the art should maintain the same aesthetic in line with the architecture of the new headquarters. We ended up selecting works by three talented Danish artists in glass and copper.

Esben Weile Kjær


Astrid Myntekær


The Rheumatism Hospital in Sønderborg

A palliative hospital – an integrated art project

Here, the focus of the task has been on ensuring that it is not merely decoration, but rather a solution where art serves as a concrete, integrated, and narrative element that actively supports the hospital’s purpose of aiding, soothing, and treating people in pain.

Nicolai Howalt

Nicolai Howalt

Cristina Bramsen

Cristina Bramsen

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