Astrid Myntekær

Astrid Myntekær, born in 1985, is an artist whose exploration of insect transformation is embodied in her copper sculptures. These exquisite artworks not only delve into the delicate nature of insects but also underscore their pivotal role within our ecosystems. Myntekær’s creations skillfully blend art, nature, and science, resulting in a harmonious fusion with a minimalist aesthetic.

Myntekær’s artistic journey finds its roots in her education at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Her work exists in a realm that traverses the boundaries of science fiction, mysticism, and scientific inquiry. Her installations are intricate, incorporating an eclectic array of materials such as light, masks, algae dust, plants, reed mats, and cutting-edge technology.

Within Myntekær’s unique artistic universe, one can perceive a sensuous laboratory where she masterfully addresses contemporary issues. Her art thrives on forging unexpected connections that challenge our conventional perceptions of reality. In 2016, Astrid Myntekær was honored with ARKEN’s travel grant, and her piece titled “Mana Stash” (2016).

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