Christian Santiago

Through his intricate line work,  Christian Santiago (b. 1990 Bronx, NY) conjures a broad pantheon of avatars: armored bio-warriors, fleshy shapeshifters and even more monstrous corporealities that populate strange new worlds. Each character is minutely rendered, yet their outlines remain porous and pulsatile, open to unexpected encounters with the unknown where the boundaries between figure and ground, inside and outside, self and other become increasingly blurry and difficult to maintain. In this way, Santiago constructs an idiosyncratic and highly personal mythology, one that explores ‘queerness’ not as social positioning but as an ecstatic metaphysical phenomenon.

Christian Santiago studied illustration at Parsons. Recent exhibitions include ENSEMBLE at Chateau Shatto, Los Angeles and For Bacchus, a solo with DM Office, New York. He is currently lives and works in New York City.

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