Kpe Innocent

Kpe (b. 1994) is a self-taught visual artist who strives to create works that resonate with people
everywhere by incorporating themes surrounding love, grace, hope and conditions that affect us as humans. His works aim at capturing the globalized world and represent the commonality the entire human race shares, regardless of geographical or sociological limitations.

His paintings are primarily in acrylic paint on canvas, and infuse his interest in minimalist design and aesthetics (with focus on negative spaces and forms) into his traditional painting practice. The paintings are adorned in muted and earthy colours, and the abstract figures are
rendered in black and white (leaning towards a shade of grey). These figures are mostly in
isolation (to depict our natural state of individuality).

Kpe’s work has been collected globally and has featured at Enter and Armory Art Fairs in Copenhagen and New York respectively, with The Hole NYC; 1.54 Art Fair in NYC with NIL
Gallery and CAN Art Fair with Moosey Art. He has exhibited in Norwich, London, Los Angeles,
New York and Paris with Moosey Art Gallery, The Hole and NIL Gallery respectively.

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