Lisa Vlaemminck

Pop, plants, pathogens, and petri dishes—these are merely a few of the visual elements that intricately intertwine within Lisa Vlaemminck’s dynamic painterly realm. Incorporating forms that bear a sense of familiarity yet possess a subtle twist, Vlaemminck’s paintings unveil glimpses into enigmatic dimensions that span from the microscopic to the cosmic, while also exploring the spaces that dwell in between.

Drawing from the traditional visual language of painting conventions, subjects like potted plants and bowls of fruit serve as frameworks for images to emerge, morph, and reappear under fresh and eccentric parameters. Brushwork often transforms into the semblance of vases, vials, flutes, beakers, and decanters, morphing into post-modern amoebae that gracefully traverse the canvas. In these artworks, the distinction between what is signified and the signifier becomes as fluid as the embryonic fluid that envelops them, evoking a sense of suspended animation. The partially translucent membranes of alien-like flora frame layers of underpainting, offering glimpses into the atomic structure of the composition: fluorescent molecules composed of individual gradient brushstrokes.

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