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Anna Bjerger

8. March – Woman Nature

7. March - 11. April 2020

“But what is sex/gender. Would a work of art by any other sex/gender be just as pretty?”

Femininity. Womanhood. Woman Nature. With this exhibition we want to explore women’s gender specific superpowers and how they contribute to the creative process of creating art. The subtle curious woman gaze. The joy of decorating nicely with eye for detail. A sense of flowers and a mothers love. Everything clean and in perfect order. Pretty and flirtatious. And a little complex, since women really know how to multitask. Even as an artist. Naturally explore the gender given palette the female touch. Decorating the canvas with perfect surroundings. Woman vision is really something special.

Special bullshit that is. Since every quality mentioned above is a bias label invented by men with the purpose of keeping women nicely in their place. Developed and inherited throughout time – ever since the use a a club was modern (and practical, we must admit to that).

But it is this bias gender based cultural stereotypes the art world (and society in general) is up against. A cultural degeneration that is extremely dangerous for us as a species. Since we need art to survive. Great art is landmarks for us as humans to navigate towards, and if those landmarks are not representative of our complete and true potential. And keeps us sailing with shutters. Im pretty sure we will all hit shallow waters and eventually die – or otherwise become extinct.


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