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A Splash of Summer

14. July - 7. August 2021

A small curated group show presenting a selection of artists we have included in our presentations as art advisors during the year where a few of them have presented solo at our gallery space. 

Get a splash of water in Andrew Jilka’s painting “Sacred Mysteries”, dive into Mira Dancy’s “Liberty’s Manhole” or lean back and enjoy the dreamy landscape by Evren Tekinoktay. Further more the show includes one of Aguirre Schwarz ZEVS’ Oil Painting, Petro China Grey/Red and a sculpture by Jesse Wine from a private collection. 

A Splash of Summer is open 24-7 as it can be seen from the street. If you wish to get indoor the gallery is open Friday 12 – 6 pm and Saturday 11 am – 3 pm., or by appointment until August 7. 

Evren Tekinoktay (b. 1972, DK) moves effortlessly between medias – from handcrafted wall based neon reliefs with painted plexiglass, collages in paper on wooden panel, embroidered fabric works mounted on mirror and paintings on plexiglass. Despite the obvious difference in the media they all share a common interest in the collage 

Mira Dancy (b. 1979, US) takes often a feminist approach while making powerful, expressive works centered on the female nude.  

Andrew Jilka (b. 1986, US) know for creating paintings that are cultural collages of modern-day imagery mixed with art history masterpieces, which speaks to how culture influences the creation of art.

Jesse Wine (b. 1983) is a British artist who is primarily working with ceramics.With an approach based on homage and experimentation, he produces witty, expressive ceramic objects and installations.

Zevs aka Aguirre Schwarz (b. 1977, FR) lives and works in Paris and Berlin. He is renowned for his “liquidation” technique and as one of the top pioneering French street artists, that has entered the art institutions and gallery scene internationally.

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