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Micro-, Macro-, Megascapes

7. April - 7. May 2022

This exhibition considers the idea of an inner landscape, and if it exists how to navigate it?   Had we not been subject to the  suggestive tyranny of the headline, we ought to have called the exhibition:

Micro- Macro- Mega-scapes

A shortcut to the internal landscape.

Think small, start big. Possibly here.


The paintings in this exhibition are large, much larger than they look. They are also very small and infinite, or light as feathers and heavy as lead, because they suggest something that can’t be measured in square footage. They show us our surroundings, a world that envelops us and embraces us with a narrative the begins deep within ourselves. Each and every one of us, no matter where we come from, Finland, Norway, Herning, you name it.

The journey towards an inner landscape through these paintings naturally starts from the human point of view. Some detail we recognize within ourselves, a detail on the level of DNA, or perhaps rather, and more beautifully, a detail from our memory.  The/Your human starting point. So look deep into these paintings and look for the scent from a splash of a wave, the taste of freshly cut grass, the sound of a summer day. A momentary breeze caressing you briefly leaving you with a sensation you’ll own forever, a sensation you can’t quite describe that nevertheless leaves you with a peaceful longing. When you find it you have arrived in your inner landscape.

And then you must continue because if you finally reach the coordinates of your inner starting point it is time to throw yourself into the idea of the necessity of a horizon. The horizon as a healing force and the horizon as our human anchor. Infinity comes from within…

In other words, to sum up, this exhibition is about something deeply personal, original and eternal. Something primal, present and future, and thus an unreal general narrative.  Perhaps we’ll recognize one another through these works. Perhaps we can find one another. Perhaps find something of oneself.

Through the works of Andrea Marie Breilling, JPW3 and Wanda Koop, we look forward to guide you all the way into, and far enough back, to the time before you got lost. A place where you can breathe, recuperate, and get your bearings, and gather your strength to disappear once more, towards the horizon.


Great art is a supercharger, and there are plenty of available places around town.


With love,


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