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Pause Images

7. October - 28. October 2023

We’d like to shed light on what lies in the middle, that moment between when you stop doing something and when something new begins – the actual pause. Because a pause holds immense significance. It’s during this interval that you temporarily halt a process and gain the chance to reflect and recalibrate your “system,” and potentially make necessary changes. The pause is a time for contemplation.

Yet, taking a break can often prove challenging. That’s why they’ve invented pause fish – and almost as inspiring: the pause image.

A pause image is a visual cue that serves as a reminder that things are momentarily on hold. What was previously in motion has come to a halt, and what is about to commence has yet to start. At this very moment, everything is in pause mode. And this pause represents your personal time, time you should utilize wisely. It’s an opportunity to unwind and “reset” your mind, making it much easier to return to the daily grind with renewed vigor.

We offer a selection of “pause images,” and all you need to do is step inside, find a spot, and take a seat. Sit in quietude and peruse the manual. However, we understand that even this can be quite challenging when you’re caught up in a busy schedule. That’s precisely why we’d like to emphasize that a pause doesn’t come with a fixed duration; it comes with a purpose.

A pause can yield physical and mental well-being, lower stress levels, prevent exhaustion, ward off burnout, and enhance your overall sense of wellness.

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