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Pictures From the Other Side

15. April - 22. May 2021

There is art pointing to the future, guiding humanity onwards. And there is art dissecting our cultural context, giving us insight and perspective into the mess we are in. In between there’s loads of other art stuff that keep us busy while standing still.

Our exhibition: “Pictures from the Other Side” most definitely falls into the “dissection of our cultural context” category. Kayla Mattes, Hunter Potter and Jackson Casady are 3 young(er) American artists that have quit the Abstract Expressive and ventured deep into (European) Art History in order to introduce/confront us all with some current (everyday) events and behavioral patterns anno 2020-21. The visual and technical reference are, to name a few of the most important ones: Bruegel (The older one), Goya (The One), Pop, Vintage Posters and Tapestry (The – medieval – storytelling kind – we are aware that this tradition is also native to many other periods of time and cultures) and the subject matter is us. Naturally they mix it up, sometimes subtle and always clever, with a touch of American Cartoonism.

Bonus info. So many non European artists are currently exploring the realm of European Art History. It makes sense to leave it to some “foreigners” to show us who we actually are right now in a visual language we once invented.

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