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Self-Indulgent, Staging, Reflections⁠ at Countess Danner’s apartment⁠

12. November - 19. November 2021

How do we experience contemporary art when it unfolds in a cultural and historical apartment rather than in a minimalistic gallery space? The experience is challenged when 12 contemporary artists present works in Countess Danner’s well-preserved apartment in late-classicist style. The exhibited female contemporary artists’ works are contextualised in one of Copenhagen’s most aesthetic apartments, decorated by some of the Danish Golden Age’s artists. During that time, the artists focused on the sublime, aesthetic and illusionistic expression, whereas nowadays the artists work more challenging, critical and reflective on their time and themselves. An indefinable temporal space is created when the surroundings radiate the Danish Golden Age and the art calls for our time’s reflections and the use of media. Welcome to a unique experience where the past and present meet.

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