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U N I Q U E – Monotypes from Two Palm, NY

10. February - 22. April 2023

In Denmark we have always been quite fond of prints. The idea of a work of art printed for wider distribution speaks directly to our democratic self-understanding – equality through access. Access to influence and access to art. For some, it’s just about owning a nice reminder of a favorite artwork in the form of a poster, others love being able to acquire original prints by their favorite artist. Works created for the medium, but works that are inherently a bit more financially accessible. Prints are so crucial when it comes to making art present in an everyday, tangible way, yet people tend to be slightly dismissive of graphic works. “No, no, it’s just a lithograph…” a completely unreasonable devaluation of a process that is extremely complex and more than 300 years old. Creating original graphics, no matter which of the many methods one chooses to use, is a discipline that many artists love. It’s an opportunity to explore one’s practice and try out new things, which is why there are people and workshops that spend a lifetime providing ideal conditions for artists who are serious about printmaking.

One of the supreme representatives of the symbiosis between workshop and artist is Two Palms in New York. For almost 30 years they have been rethinking and reconceptualizing printmaking. In collaboration with some of the greatest artists of our time, Two Palms has made a virtue of experimenting with techniques, technologies, form, color, material – and not least process. Their focus has been on monotypes centered around the vertical printing press. This is evident in the legendary collaboration with conceptual artist Mel Bochner, whose words and phrases in oil paint are put under extreme duress, leaving the work with visual “accidents” that perfectly complement Bochner’s actual intentions. Two Palms also experiment with individually color-washed paper, which lends an ethereal, approachable vulnerability to the works of Chris Ofili, Carroll Dunham, and Stanley Whitney.

By creating a framework in which artists can explore every corner of their practice and articulate it in an ever evolving format, Two Palms has helped to reinvent, refine and sustain the unique print.

Prints are on a continuous journey, entirely unique and democratic, and we’re proud to be a stop on that journey for those who swing by.

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