Aguirre Schwarz ZEVS

French artist Zevs aka Aguirre Schwarz lives and works in Paris and Berlin. He is renowned for his “liquidation” technique and as one of the top pioneering French street artists, that has entered the art institutions and gallery scene internationally. Throughout the years he has participated at international performances and exhibitions, including solo shows at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Museum (Denmark), CCA Andratx foundation (Spain) and the De Buck Gallery (USA).
Through his liquidation technique, the artist transforms seemingly solid images into unstable logos dripping from the canvas. Deformed Apple, Google, CC, LV and Gucci emblems reference the ubiquitous commercial and materialistic culture of the modern day. No matter how deconstructed the images seem, they are instantly recognizable. They endur but they are not indestructible. The distortion of those omnipresent symbols comments on their worldwide power, but also suggests that they might not be as stable as they appear.