Gun Gordillo

Gun Gordillo was born in Lund, Sweden.

Meeting Gun Gordillo and her art is meeting a positive, optimistic attitude to life and a personal, poetic approach, very sensitive to the varying contexts of her works. The agitation or the provocation remains in abeyance or else there may be something provocative about her may of creating new combinations of form, material and colour which are not only unconventional but also seem to imply a moving forward of the borders of the beautiful. What makes one uneasy is that there may be rebellious elements in the almost sublimely beautiful composition. This gift of cooperating with the material, which comes so natural to Gun Gordillo, makes her works unusually suited to function in many different context in a public milieu. The durability of dolerite, lead, copper, and zink plate in combination with contemporary fragile materials such as glass, plexiglass and, above all, neon light makes her works stand out among those which have been created with light as their basic artistic expression. There is a decidedly personal angle to her way of dealing with neon light which gives it a poetic dimension in marked contrast to the harsh stridency of advertising signs.

Gordillos work has been shown at several major solo exhibitions, most recently in 2015 at galerie denise rené, Paris. She has worked with the legendary gallerist Denise Rene for more then 30 years. She has also participated many group exhibitions including “The spirit of white” at Galerie Beyeler, Basel in 2004 and most recently “Néon, who´s afraid of red, yellow and blue?” at la Maison Rouge, Paris in 2012. She has also been invited to create several major installations at world famous companies and public sites in cities like Basel, Paris, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Gordillo today lives and work in Copenhagen after spending many
years living and working in Paris.